Maintain a Healthy Lawn By Following This Advice

During the summer months, homeowners often need to make extra effort to maintain their outdoor spaces. While we know that warmer weather encourages plant growth, the strong summer sun and less frequent rain are often hard on our plants. Grass is especially prone to damage during the summer because of its constant exposure to heat and sunlight. If not properly cared for, grass can dry out, wither, and turn brown. Below are five helpful tips to implement into your landscaping routine in order to maintain a healthy lawn during the summer months.

1. Water in the Morning to Encourage Absorption

Watering your lawn is important, especially if rainwater is limited. The best time to water your lawn during the summer is the morning. Watering in the morning hours gives the grass more time to absorb the water before the heat of the sun begins to evaporate the moisture. If using a sprinkler system, make sure to set up your sprinklers in an appropriate spot so that the grass receives ideal coverage and the water isn’t spraying onto the sidewalk. Also, avoid overwatering your lawn – watering daily is excessive and wasteful. Give the grass a good soak a couple of times a week to maintain a healthy lawn.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lawn With a Mowing Routine

Get into the habit of mowing your lawn regularly. Erratic mowing patterns can lead to wild overgrowth, causing the lower portion of the grass to become discolored. In a similar vein, excessive lawn mowing can damage the tips of each grass blade, causing them to turn brown. It is best to mow the lawn in the morning or during the early evening to prevent strong sunlight from scorching the freshly cut tips of the grass blades. Use a sharp blade on your mower set high when you cut your lawn. Maintaining a height of 3-4″ will help to protect the roots of the grass and prevent your lawn from turning brown.

3. Use Fertilizer Treatments to Strengthen Grass

In addition to water, a healthy lawn may need fertilizer treatments. It’s important to establish a fertilizer routine throughout the season with one application in the early spring, a follow-up treatment in late spring, and a final application during the summer months. Providing your lawn with these additional nutrients will encourage hearty growth and prepare it to withstand the heat and stronger sunlight of the summer months.

4. Remove Weeds Upon Discovering Them

Another common problem that homeowners face when caring for their lawn is weed removal. While sprays and treatments are available to discourage or even kill unwanted weed growth, these chemicals can also be harmful to your grass and other plants. Try to be more proactive about spotting weeds, and remove them manually upon their appearance. Unmonitored weed growth promotes unruly conditions throughout the season that will ruin your goals of achieving the perfect lawn.

5. Avoid Foot Traffic on Your Lawn

Grass is more sensitive during the summer months. Although you can do your best to maintain a healthy lawn using all of the strategies above, one of the biggest culprits against achieving a healthy lawn is frequently walking upon it. Grass, just like all other living things, does not enjoy being stepped on. If you have children and pets your grass can suffer even more since they likely play in the yard. To protect your lawn, take your children to the park to play and walk your dog around the neighborhood. Make sure that you clean up after your pets, too. This will prevent more unwanted brown patches from appearing on your lawn.

Carefully evaluate your lawn care strategies and maintenance routine. With these ideas, you can create a new landscaping regimen that will keep your grass strong and healthy all summer long.

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