The period around Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time of year when many of us will be traveling to see friends and family. Criminals know that many people leave town stressed and in a hurry, possibly meaning their homes more vulnerable to break-ins. If you plan on traveling this year, here are four ways to keep your home safe when away for the holidays.

1. Make Your House Look Occupied

You can take steps to make it look like your home isn’t vacant. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to come by regularly, park their car in your driveway, collect the mail and newspaper, and take care of any other small chores like taking the trash to the curb on trash day.

Instead of leaving a key on the porch or in the mailbox, give the key to that person before you leave. You can also call the post office to have your mail held and invest in light timers to make your home look occupied.

2. Double Check Your Locks

Almost a third of all burglaries happen because the thief was able to enter through an unlocked window or door. While making sure everything is locked up seems easy enough, it is quickly forgotten if you are a hurry to get out of town.

Take extra time to make sure every entryway is locked. Lock all the doors, sliding doors, the garage, and windows. If any of your locks or doorknobs feel loose, it may be time to upgrade them. Just locking everything up is one of the best ways to keep your home safe when away for the holidays.

3. Stay Silent About Your Travel Plans

You’re excited about your traveling arrangements for the holidays, but be careful about where and with whom you share this information. The world of social media doesn’t need to know that you are out of town and your home is empty. Many home invasions happen because individuals share specific details on Facebook and Instagram. Avoid the temptation to tell the world where you’re going for a holiday trip.

4. Invest In A Home Monitoring System

Having a home security system that allows you to have remote access to the home can give you peace of mind when you’re gone for the holidays. If unusual movement is detected, the system can notify you and the authorities right away. If you don’t have the budget to invest in a security system right now, buying a sign from a known security company and placing it in your front yard could be enough to deter a possible invader.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When Away For The Holidays

Using common sense goes a long way to keep your home safe when away for the holidays. Lock up, keep eyes on your home, and don’t broadcast that you’ll be gone. Using these simple tips will help keep your home protected during the holiday season.

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